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'Footfall' - What is it?

‘Footfall’ is a time-series statistic that is used to measure the number of people is received within in a specific location and a given timeframe.

Aggregated footfall data is used to compare the popularity of each point of installation; historical data can be gathered and stored over time and can be used to monitor an increase or decrease in visitors.

Footfall counters are automatic, sensing technology-based approaches for quantifying footfall statistics. This technology is also often referred to as ‘pedestrian counters’ or ‘people counters’.

Businesses and Retailers measure footfall for a variety of reasons: to gain valuable analytics and key performance indicators, to improve the visitor experience, to save money, to see current occupancy and to optimise operations.

Community agencies use footfall to measure attendance as a foundation for budgeting, staffing, and service requests while combatting increasing financial pressures.

Smart cities use the information to plan their services and manage the city, making information available over the Internet of Things.

Whatever the reason - there are a range of EvolvePlus technologies to choose from with differing capabilities and pricing.

 The Technologies that EvolvePlus offer to count Footfall

  1. 3D Overhead – 3D based visual sensors use cameras to analyse their surroundings and identify if a person has entered or exited a certain invisible threshold—which is usually a box or polygonal-shaped area. These sensors are capable of recognising direction of travel and can provide separate count values for people entering and exiting the camera’s Field of View. The Overhead 3D People Counter is configured and calibrated ready for Plug-and-Play installation using Power over Ethernet (PoE) for network and power connectivity.

  2. Active infrared / IR beam (Networked) – Also called a ‘break beam’, this technology actively emits infrared rays for footfall detection. A count is generated once an object walks through the transmitter / receiver area and breaks the beam, this would be interpreted as a person entering or exiting an area. The IR Beam sensor technology features wireless data transfer to a Gateway Ethernet or Cellular (3G) within range of up to 20 metres. Other IR beam sensors available are stand-alone and allow for count data to displayed on the sensor itself or be collected via USB.

  3. Active infrared / IR beam (LoRaWAN) – Utilising the same type of Infrared technology as Networked – the wireless data transfer distance from the sensors to a LoRaWAN Gateway Hub via low power communications can be up to 500 metres in outdoor settings and 200 metres is indoor settings.

  4. Active infrared / Overhead IR beam (LoRaWAN) – The overhead mains powered IR sensor technology provides highly accurate people flow traffic data in buildings or rooms with a single door access. The sensor sits above the doorway and transmits count data wirelessly to a LoRaWAN Gateway located within 200 metres in indoor settings. 
  1. Radar Sensor (LoRaWAN) – The radar sensor emits microwave frequencies and utilise the resultant frequency modulation effect to track an object that has entered its field of view. As a person’s movement is tracked, their direction of travel can also be attained to produce separate ‘in’ and ‘out’ count. The radar sensor can be ceiling or wall mounted and due low power communications, transmission of count data wirelessly to a LoRaWAN Gateway located within 200 metres (indoor use) and within 500 metres (outdoor use) is possible.

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