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Micro Display People Counter

A micro display (LCD) people counter is a device to count the number of people passing through a particular area or doorway. It typically consists of a small display unit integrated with sensors that can detect the presence of individuals.

Here's a general overview of how a micro display (LCD) people counter works:

1. Detection: The system uses sensors on either side to detect people passing through a designated area.

2. Data Processing: The sensor data is processed to analyse the presence and movement of individuals.

3. Counting: As people are detected, the system increments a counter to keep track of the number of individuals passing through. This count is displayed on a small micro display unit, which is integrated into the device.

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Active Infrared People Counters installed at Melbourne Airport screen point

Modern airports are among the busiest places globally requiring continuous crowd monitoring for security and efficiency purposes. There are many challenges that airports face daily, and high people flow is one of the most critical ones. People traffic counters are useful tools for airports to have, the traffic counting technology allows security managers to make informed decisions on streamlining passenger traffic.

The EvolvePlus Wireless People Counters were recently installed at the security check screen point servicing Terminal 3 and Terminal 4 departures at Melbourne Airport allowing management to make evidence-based decisions. With the ability to compare traffic flow between various periods, management can prepare in advance with additional resources and predict peak travel times.

The EvolvePlus Wireless People Counter Active Infrared / IR beam (also called a ‘break beam’) technology was selected due to the ease of implementation with no significant delays experienced by passengers or detrimental impact to airport operations during installation.


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'Footfall' - What is it?

‘Footfall’ is a time-series statistic that is used to measure the number of people is received within in a specific location and a given timeframe.

Aggregated footfall data is used to compare the popularity of each point of installation; historical data can be gathered and stored over time and can be used to monitor an increase or decrease in visitors.

Footfall counters are automatic, sensing technology-based approaches for quantifying footfall statistics. This technology is also often referred to as ‘pedestrian counters’ or ‘people counters’.

Businesses and Retailers measure footfall for a variety of reasons: to gain valuable analytics and key performance indicators, to improve the visitor experience, to save money, to see current occupancy and to optimise operations.

Community agencies use footfall to measure attendance as a foundation for budgeting, staffing, and service requests while combatting increasing financial pressures.

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Overhead 3D People Counter - Install in three easy steps

The Overhead 3D People Counter is very robust, easy to install and has low infrastructure requirements. It’s delivered pre-calibrated, simplifying setup.

As the device is powered by a network cable (PoE) and the information is sent directly over the Internet to our Cloud Dashboard no additional hardware is required.

The Overhead 3D People Counter stereo vision imaging can filter objects by height, shape and size. Separate counts can be generated for in and out traffic whilst trolleys and shadows are ignored.


Installing the Overhead 3D People Counter is easy!
All it takes is 3 simple steps.


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USB People Counters in Robust Cases - Case Study

How a local council monitored the usage of Community Parklet Pop-Ups


The temporary community parklets are a new form of public space popping up in parking bays across council districts.

The fenced modular designs offer extra opportunities for residents to sit and relax, meet friends and family or enjoy a snack or coffee outdoors. 

The local council was keen to capture visitation data at each of the community parklets for evaluation and future planning.

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