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Wireless RF People Counter - The Three Easy Steps To Install

EvolvePlus offers an automated wireless people counter solution that is easy to install. The solution combines wireless RF people counter sensors with either our Australian-developed cloud portal or the IMMOTION on-premise software to provide data-driven analysis through dashboards and reports.

We ship the people counters and SNG Hub (sensor network gateway) preconfigured with your counting location settings. Your team can install the sensors and hub by following these 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Install SNG Hub: Unpack the SNG Hub and connect to power and an internet-enabled ethernet port within 20 metres of the proposed counting location. If your network has a firewall, you will need to allow port 5xxxx for data transfer to/from the EvolvePlus cloud or on-premise software.


Step 2: Insert Batteries in People Counter Sensors: Unpack the people counter sensors, which consist of a transmitter and receiver, and insert 2 x AA batteries into each. Then, activate and validate the sensors.

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New Overhead ToF People Counter

EvolvePlus has released an Overhead ToF (Time of Flight) People Counter solution, which provides an additional choice across our Overhead People Counter range.

Our inexpensive entry-level Overhead ToF People Counter sensors are designed to be installed discreetly on the ceiling facing downwards to measure visitor traffic and provide highly accurate footfall counting in various medium traffic environments. It offers additional analytic features beyond in/out people counting, including separate traffic counts of adults & children based on height, as well as counting of staff members wearing unique lanyards.

The People Counter is equipped with advanced sensors that use near-infrared light reflection and AI to count visitors accurately. The sensor incorporates Power over Ethernet (PoE+), which combines data connectivity and power supply in a single cable.

Using our latest version of the EvolvePlus Cloud Dashboard, the footfall analytics derived from the People Counter data provide valuable insights into peak visitor traffic, venue occupancy, staffing needs, and optimal bathroom cleaning schedules across a wide range of environments, including commercial buildings, retail stores, libraries, galleries, museums, offices and shopping centres.

Compare the features of the Overhead ToF People Counter with other EvolvePlus People Counter models by visiting this handy comparison page, or contact EvolvePlus for more information.

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New release of EvolvePlus Cloud Dashboard

We are excited to announce the launch of ePortal Version 4 - the EvolvePlus Cloud Dashboard that analyses people counter data captured from various sensors, including Overhead, Wireless, and USB. The footfall analytics provide valuable insights into peak visitor traffic, venue occupancy, staffing requirements and bathroom cleaning schedules.

Version 4 is the continued evolution of the EvolvePlus Cloud Dashboard. It has simplified menus, mobile optimization, and a range of new reports and charts.

The following are some of the new features and enhancements available in Version 4.

Simplified Menu

We have simplified the menu for the ePortal application so that all functions are delivered from the initial "ePortal Menu", which is easier to use on mobile devices.

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Overhead People Counter with WiFi Connectivity

In the rapidly evolving landscape of retail, corporate and public spaces, our Overhead 3D People Counter solution provides highly accurate people counting in a range of buildings, including shopping centres, galleries, public libraries, office buildings, government facilities, leisure centres, and transport hubs. The people counter plays a pivotal role in gathering valuable data to optimise operations, enhance customer experiences, and make informed decisions.

Our Overhead 3D People Counter solution is now available with optional wireless connectivity. The wireless connectivity allows for easy installation and setup by connecting to a building's WiFi. Using a wireless connection, there is no need for complicated wiring or infrastructure. The advantage is beneficial in environments where aesthetics and convenience are crucial, allowing organisations to set up counters without disrupting the existing infrastructure.

Organisations can easily add or relocate counters as needed without the challenges imposed by physical cables. This scalability ensures that the people-counting solution can adapt to evolving spatial requirements and changing traffic patterns.

The wireless Overhead 3D People Counter connects seamlessly to the same EvolvePlus Cloud Dashboard & Analytics platform as the PoE model, which provides interactive web-based charts, dashboards and reports that can be exported in a variety of formats, including Excel, CSV and Word,

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Battery Powered Outdoor People Counters with Detailed Analytics

EvolvePlus offers two different models of battery-powered Outdoor People Counters, with both providing detailed footfall analytics:

  • USB People Counter with onboard memory
  • Wireless People Counter - with automated data transfer via 4G mobile broadband or local network

Both models are ideal for environments such as public toilets, park entrances, and footpaths, and include a robust outdoor enclosure designed to withstand the harsh elements.

Which Model is Right for You?

If you need a simple and affordable people counting solution for remote locations with no power or 4G connectivity, the USB People Counter is a great option. It is easy to install and use, and the data can be easily collected and analysed using the included on-premise software.

The Wireless People Counter is an excellent choice if you need a fully automated solution and have nearby access to power and 4G connectivity. It is easy to install and configure, and the data is automatically transferred to the EvolvePlus Cloud Dashboard for quick access to the footfall analytics.

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Wireless LoRaWAN People Counter - The Three Easy Steps To Install

The turnkey, automated people counter solution from EvolvePlus combines our wireless LoRaWAN people counter sensors with our cloud portal for data-driven analysis with integrated dashboards and reports.

We ship the wireless LoRaWAN gateway and people counters preconfigured with your counting location settings ready for your team to self-install.

Installing the wireless LoRaWAN people counter and gateway is a straightforward process - all it takes is 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Install LoRaWAN Gateway: unpack the LoRaWAN gateway and connect it to power and an internet-enabled network point within 50 metres of the proposed sensor counting location (or further if you have the optional external antenna). If your network has a firewall, you will need to ensure to enable inbound & outbound traffic on port 1700 with the EvolvePlus cloud.


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Micro Display People Counter

A micro display (LCD) people counter is a device to count the number of people passing through a particular area or doorway. It typically consists of a small display unit integrated with sensors that can detect the presence of individuals.

Here's a general overview of how a micro display (LCD) people counter works:

1. Detection: The system uses sensors on either side to detect people passing through a designated area.

2. Data Processing: The sensor data is processed to analyse the presence and movement of individuals.

3. Counting: As people are detected, the system increments a counter to keep track of the number of individuals passing through. This count is displayed on a small micro display unit, which is integrated into the device.

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Enhancements to People Counter API

The ePortal API for our EvolvePlus Cloud Dashboard delivers footfall data from our Overhead 3D, Wireless and USB people counters in JSON format.

The information delivered via the API provides valuable traffic insights to determine optimal staffing requirements, operating hours, and peak visitor times, with organisations able to utilise the data within their own analytics applications such as Zoho Analytics and Microsoft PowerBI.

Version 1.2 of the ePortal API version 1.2 has been enhanced to support our latest Wireless LoRaWAN people counters (available in horizontal and overhead mounting models). LoRaWAN is a Low Power, Wide Area networking protocol designed to connect battery-operated sensors over long distances.

By incorporating the traffic data into your centralised business intelligence dashboard, you can combine data from multiple sources into a centralised insight, including sales results, financial statements, library statistics, event sales and people traffic counts.

Contact EvolvePlus to learn how to use the EvolvePlus Cloud API to incorporate your people counter data into your business intelligence platforms.

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Indoor Air Quality Sensors for Workplace Health

Indoor air quality (IAQ) sensors have become increasingly popular, especially in office buildings where air quality can have a significant impact on employee well-being and health. The EvolvePlus indoor air quality sensors can provide real-time monitoring of indoor air quality and help employers create a healthier workplace.

By monitoring CO2 (carbon dioxide), humidity and temperature, the EvolvePlus indoor air quality sensors can help identify potential sources of poor air quality and allow building managers to take corrective action. For example, if carbon dioxide levels are high, it may indicate a lack of ventilation in the office, and improving air circulation or opening windows can improve air quality.

Our IAQ sensors can also help create a healthier and more productive workplace. Studies have shown that improving air quality can lead to higher staff satisfaction, reduced sick leave, and increased productivity. In addition, the EvolvePlus indoor air quality sensors can help employers comply with regulations and certifications related to indoor air quality, such as the WELL Building Standard.

EvolvePlus IAQ sensors are available in AC and battery-powered models, easy to install and automatically transmit data via a wireless LoRaWAN gateway to the EvolvePlus Cloud Dashboard for detailed analysis and reporting.

Contact EvolvePlus for more information and to learn how we can help your organisation with air quality measuring and other IoT LoRaWAN requirements.

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People Counters for Optimising Facility Cleaning

Maintaining clean public toilets and other building facilities is essential for ensuring the health and safety for visitors. EvolvePlus people counters can help facility managers and cleaning contractors identify which restrooms require more attention than others.

By monitoring each bathroom's foot traffic and usage patterns, facility managers can identify which restrooms are used more frequently and require more frequent cleaning. This information can be used to allocate resources more effectively and ensure that the most heavily used restrooms receive the attention they need. The data collected by the EvolvePlus people counters can be used for strategic planning and decision-making, such as identifying trends and patterns in usage, assessing the impact of cleaning schedules, and forecasting future demand.

The EvolvePlus people counters can also help cleaning staff allocate their time and resources more efficiently. By tracking the number of people entering and exiting a toilet facility, the cleaning team can prioritise their tasks based on usage patterns. The EvolvePlus Cloud Dashboard can show that a bathroom is frequently used for short periods of time, so it may be more effective to clean the restroom more frequently but for shorter periods of time. This ensures that the bathroom is always clean and available for use, while minimising the amount of time and effort required to clean it. The EvolvePlus Dashboard can also be used to allocate resources more effectively and ensure that the most heavily used restrooms receive the attention they need.

Privacy is also important for organisations implementing the EvolvePlus people counters to ensure they remain compliant with the relevant GDPR and New Zealand data privacy regulations. Our horizontal wireless and overhead infrared models are ideal solutions to provide anonymous traffic monitoring without using cameras or capturing personal data.

Click here for more information on the different EvolvePlus people models, or contact EvolvePlus for more pricing and more information.

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Comparison of Battery-Powered Wireless People Counters

Two models of battery-powered wireless people counters are available from EvolvePlus, with each having advantages for different people counting environments. Each model provides different data transmission methods, whilst both models utilise the same sensor enclosure with horizontal infrared technology. This enables customers to choose the model that best suits their environment.

The Wireless RF (Short Range) People Counter model can transmit count data every few seconds and is ideal for organisations that require self-hosted software or live occupancy displays. This model features indicator lights on the sensors to highlight successful data transmission and low battery.

The Gateway (SNG Hub) for the Wireless RF (Short Range) People Counter model needs located within 20 metres of the people counter sensors and provide connectivity to the network via ethernet. Reporting software for installation on your own PC/server is included, with the option for the EvolvePlus Cloud Dashboard.

The Wireless LoRaWAN (Long Range) People Counter model has a key feature of counting people at both indoor and outdoor entrances that may be located hundreds of metres from the LoRaWAN Gateway, with the data transmitted every 30 minutes for analysis and reporting to the EvolvePlus Cloud Dashboard.

The gateway includes wi-fi, ethernet, and optional 4G network connectivity and is also available with an external long-range antenna. Instead of the EvolvePlus Cloud Dashboard, organisations can also choose to use their own Smart Cities LoRaWAN IoT data platform.

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New People Counter Dashboard Release

Our cloud-delivered EvolvePlus ePortal web application provides data-driven analysis with dashboards and reports across our IoT product range. Our IoT sensors include Overhead 3D, Wireless and USB people counters, indoor air quality sensors and smiley feedback counters.

We have continued to evolve our ePortal application, with this month's release of the ePortal (v3.3.0) now including the following new features and enhancements:

  • Quarter-Hour Cumulative Occupancy Historical Analysis for Overhead 3D People Counters
  • Chart and Reports of the new Wireless LoRaWAN edition of the Smiley Feedback Counters
  • Chart and Reports of the new Air Quality Sensors, including Daily Detailed Data Analysis and CO2 Daily Analysis
  • Quarter-Hour Analysis for USB People Counters

Contact EvolvePlus to learn more about the EvolvePlus ePortal application and how it can be used to analyse data from your people counters and other IoT sensors. 

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New Indoor Air Quality Sensors with Remote Dashboard

EvolvePlus NZ is proud to announce the launch of our new Indoor Air Quality Sensors, which assist in improving productivity, health, and well-being within commercial offices, meeting rooms, classrooms and other buildings.

Studies have shown that poor ventilation can result in lower oxygen levels and a build-up of carbon dioxide (CO2) with many of today's heavily insulated buildings detrimental to good health. Staff and students may experience drowsiness and difficulty concentrating even with moderate levels of CO2. Our new Indoor Air Quality Sensors provide real-time CO2 monitoring for organisations to accurately measure and adjust indoor air quality.

Our Wireless LoRaWAN IoT Indoor Air Quality Sensors are advanced indoor climate sensors that measure CO2 levels, motion, temperature and humidity. Our centralised web dashboard provides remote monitoring of current and historical readings from multiple locations, with a traffic light display on the sensor available to provide live alerts (without using the web dashboard).

Click here for more information on the EvolvePlus Indoor Air Quality Sensors or contact EvolvePlus to learn how we can help with your air quality measuring, people counting and other IoT sensor requirements.

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Active Infrared People Counters installed at Melbourne Airport screen point

Modern airports are among the busiest places globally requiring continuous crowd monitoring for security and efficiency purposes. There are many challenges that airports face daily, and high people flow is one of the most critical ones. People traffic counters are useful tools for airports to have, the traffic counting technology allows security managers to make informed decisions on streamlining passenger traffic.

The EvolvePlus Wireless People Counters were recently installed at the security check screen point servicing Terminal 3 and Terminal 4 departures at Melbourne Airport allowing management to make evidence-based decisions. With the ability to compare traffic flow between various periods, management can prepare in advance with additional resources and predict peak travel times.

The EvolvePlus Wireless People Counter Active Infrared / IR beam (also called a ‘break beam’) technology was selected due to the ease of implementation with no significant delays experienced by passengers or detrimental impact to airport operations during installation.


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N-Tick Approved by NNNCo

The EvolvePlus LoRaWAN People Counters have been N-Tick approved by NNNCo. The ‘N-Tick Network Approved Programme’ means that NNNco has reviewed and validated the EvolvePlus IoT Counters to operate across NNNCo’s telco-grade enterprise LoRaWAN network worldwide.

NNNCo is a 100% IoT telco and a leading LoRaWAN network carrier. Partnering with NNNCo enables enterprises, local government and government agencies to integrate the analytics from the EvolvePlus IoT footfall traffic sensors into their existing IoT platform.

The EvolvePlus LoRaWAN People Counter is available in both indoor and outdoor models, providing accurate footfall traffic counting. The IoT people counting solution solves various traffic monitoring challenges within a variety of environments, including office buildings, public toilets, meeting rooms, libraries, galleries, retail stores, park entrances, leisure centres, and pedestrian paths. The battery-powered people counters are bi-directional and will count both ‘In’ and ‘Out’ directions with wireless data connectivity to LoRaWAN gateways.

To learn more about our LoRaWAN People Counter solutions, contact EvolvePlus NZ for more information and pricing.

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'Footfall' - What is it?

‘Footfall’ is a time-series statistic that is used to measure the number of people is received within in a specific location and a given timeframe.

Aggregated footfall data is used to compare the popularity of each point of installation; historical data can be gathered and stored over time and can be used to monitor an increase or decrease in visitors.

Footfall counters are automatic, sensing technology-based approaches for quantifying footfall statistics. This technology is also often referred to as ‘pedestrian counters’ or ‘people counters’.

Businesses and Retailers measure footfall for a variety of reasons: to gain valuable analytics and key performance indicators, to improve the visitor experience, to save money, to see current occupancy and to optimise operations.

Community agencies use footfall to measure attendance as a foundation for budgeting, staffing, and service requests while combatting increasing financial pressures.

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Enhanced Analytics for Smiley Feedback Counters

Our battery-powered and wireless Customer Feedback (Moodbox) Counters gather valuable customer satisfaction data with five separate smiley buttons that send data automatically to the choice of On-Premise or Cloud Dashboards.

We've recently updated our ePortal Cloud Dashboard with new visual data analytic charts to assist our customers in gaining insights into customer feedback and building customer loyalty across various locations.


The new performance analytics charts include:

  • Feedback Type Totals
  • Moodbox Activity
  • Overall Median Satisfaction Score
  • Daily Feedback Comparison Across Selected Locations
  • Feedback Percentage Across All Responses Received
  • Feedback Based on Time of Day

Included in this release is the ability for your organisation to configure the smiley button labels that are displayed on the reports and charts.

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API for People Counter Data

The EvolvePlus ePortal web application enables data-driven analysis via dashboards and reports using people traffic counter data from Overhead 3D, Wireless, LoRaWAN and USB traffic counters across different date and time periods. This valuable information reveals in-depth people counter insight to determine optimal operating hours, staffing requirements and peak visitor times.

EvolvePlus Overhead 3D and Infrared footfall data is delivered from the EvolvePlus Cloud Service in JSON format using our latest API for ePortal application - a RESTful API service.

Using the API, customers can visualise count data from their EvolvePlus people counters into their own BI applications such as Zoho Analytics and Microsoft PowerBI. Customers can use their analytics platform to gain a richer insight by combining data from multiple sources into a centralised dashboard, including sales results, library statistics, financial statements, event sales and people traffic counts.,

An example using Zoho Analytics to visualise people data (via API) and combine it with Sales results from a POS application:

An example for configuring Zoho Analytics to display the Daily Totals for the Overhead 3D counters:

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Differentiate Between Adults & Children in Footfall Statistics

For an enhanced analysis of visitor and customer people counter statistics our Overhead 3D People Counter sensors can deliver separate differentiated statistics for Adults & Children.

Using the onboard Artificial Intelligence (AI), the sensor detects the height of each person and differentiates as either an Adult or a Child based on the detected height. Each sensor can be configured with the height that you wish to use to assign each detected person as either an Adult or Child.

The result is a more detailed analysis of visitors and customers, which can be analysed using the reports and charts provided within the EvolvePlus Dashboard. 

For more information on the Overhead 3D People Counters contact EvolvePlus to find out how we can assist with your people counting requirements.

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LoRaWAN People Counter

Organisations face the challenge on how to effectively count people and facilities and entrances located hundreds of metres from the nearest mains power source, with data automatically transmitted to a cloud platform for reporting and analysis.

Our LoRaWAN People Counting solution solves this challenge with our battery powered People Counter sensors implemented at remote locations. For example:

  • public toilets
  • parks
  • playgrounds
  • sporting facilities
  • outdoor events
  • footpaths
  • visitor centres
  • leisure centres

The footfall traffic data is automatically transmitted to a LoRaWAN gateway located in close proximity (which can be hundreds of metres or a few kilometres away depending on the LoRaWAN base station and long range antenna).

Our latest LoRaWAN People Counter utilises the AS923 band, which is broadly supported by LoRaWAN network operators and gateways for IoT devices across both New Zealand and Australia.

For further product detail refer to the LoRaWAN People Counters product page or Contact EvolvePlus for more information.

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