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Display People Counter
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Our battery powered Display People Counters (LCD) consist of two small boxes (transmitter and receiver) mounted on either side of an entrance. Once the transmitter and receiver are aligned with each other, an infrared beam is transmitted across the entrance. When someone moves through the entrance and breaks the infrared beam, the total count value increases by one.

The receiver unit of our Display People Counter is equipped with a LCD screen showing the current count. The displayed count can easily be reset back to zero by running a small supplied magnet across the top of the receiver.

The simple end-user installation and maintenance of our systems eliminates technical support costs. Our People Counting Systems are completely wireless and battery powered.


  • Easy installation
  • Long battery life (AA Batteries)
  • Distortion indication
  • Easy to read count value
  • European designed and built
  • Exceptional after sales support
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • No ongoing costs

Optional Extras:

Outdoor Casing

Outdoor Casing (IP54 Rated)

Display People Counter - Outdoor Casing

Our LCD Display and Wireless People Counters can be optionally ordered with a robust IP54 rated case.

The IP54 case ensures that the internal electronics are protected from the harsh outdoor elements and provide a high level of protection against water and airborne particles like dust.

The units require no maintenance other than battery changes and for the LCD Display model the 6 digit display is reset with the supplied magnet.

Optional metal brackets are also available for easy installation of the People Counters with the IP54 Outdoor Casing.

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Mounting Brackets

Mounting brackets for Display People Counters (LCD)

Display people counters include a mounting plate as part of the product design for easy installation on flat surfaces. The following are a list of optional mounting brackets that can be purchased for Display People Counters

Metal rotational bracket

Metal Rotational Bracket (x2)

The versatility of the pivoting door sensor holder makes fitting simple in entrances where the mounting location may not be at right angles. These brackets are also provided in a black finish and supplied as a set of two.

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Polycarbonate Angular Bracket (x2)

polycarbonate angular bracket

Suitable for door/frame mounting. Use when fixing the people counters flush against a wall is not possible. This heavy duty bracket also protects your counters from getting knocked out of alignment. These brackets are supplied as a set of two.

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Micro People Counters (LCD)

The Micro LCD Screen Counter is a completely wireless, reliable, and user-friendly People Counting tool. The incredibly small size of the Micro Counter makes it even easier to mount to virtually any wall or door frame. In addition, the infrared beam is transmitted and received from the side allowing the units to be mounted flat against the walls surrounding a doorway.

The transmitter unit transmits an infrared beam to the receiver unit.  When someone passes between the 2 units and breaks the infrared beam, the number on the display screen increases by one.  The number includes people entering and exiting a space, so the separate in and out counts can be determined by dividing the number by 2.  The Counter can be reset back to zero at any time with the use of a special tool we provide.  This Counter can be setup in minutes and requires no maintenance at all.


Micro Display People Counter
  • Easy installation
  • Side fire, very small, discrete
  • Battery lifetime up to one year
  • Clear display, easy to reset
  • The count values are read daily and can be accessed directly
  • European designed and built
  • 1 year warranty


  • Dimensions - 83 x 51 x 14 mm
  • Material - PMMA – Black
  • Power supply - 3V CR2450 Battery
  • Battery life - 1 year
  • Maximum Distance – 5 Metres / 16 feet(Unobstructed)
  • Maximum display count value - 999999 (6 digits)


  • PTX11-1 – Transmitter / PRX11D1 – Receiver
  • Resetting tool
  • Two 3V CR2450 batteries (already installed)
  • Quick installation guide

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