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  • Wireless People Counter

    Wireless People Counter

    EvolvePlus offers highly-accurate wireless infrared-based people counting solutions to gather valuable customer information. The small size and weight of our battery powered People Counters allows for installation almost anywhere.
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  • USB People Counters

    USB People Counters

    Our completely wireless USB People Counting System offers a reliable, user-friendly, and affordable tool that will help almost any type of service provider operate more efficiently.
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  • Moodbox


    Our wireless Smiley Feedback and Mood Counter offer a reliable, user-friendly, and affordable solution that will help almost any type of organisation to gain valuable insight to improve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
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  • Display People Counter

    Display People Counter

    Our Display People Counters are the perfect entry level solution to gain valuable counts that display directly on a LCD screen.
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Easy Installation

Forget the headache of messy cables and wires with our plug and play platform that allows you to be up and running before you know it.

Detailed Analysis

Our IMMOTION software allows you to easily view critical counting information broken into day/week/month/year totals.

European Designed and Built

Our people counters are designed and built in Europe and built with extreme quality and care to the finest detail.

No Hidden Costs

There are absolutely no hidden costs with our solutions. The software is provided free of charge with the on-premise editions of our people counting solutions.

New Zealand People Counting Solutions

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We offer a broad range of people traffic counting solutions that deliver unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Our people counting systems solve a variety of traffic monitoring challenges for all types of organisations including retail stores, universities, libraries and leisure centres

Whether you are trying to measure traffic to support project funding, optimise labour, determine advertising effectiveness, or increase conversion ratios, EvolvePlus provides the tools that helps organisations increase profitability and optimise operational efficiency by analysing visitor traffic to make informed business decisions.

We have people traffic counting solutions that are suitable for both indoor/outdoor use and pricing to suit all budgets. All our people counter systems are supplied with a 1 year warranty.

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