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Overhead 3D People Counter - Install in three easy steps

The Overhead 3D People Counter is very robust, easy to install and has low infrastructure requirements. It’s delivered pre-calibrated, simplifying setup.

As the device is powered by a network cable (PoE) and the information is sent directly over the Internet to our Cloud Dashboard no additional hardware is required.

The Overhead 3D People Counter stereo vision imaging can filter objects by height, shape and size. Separate counts can be generated for in and out traffic whilst trolleys and shadows are ignored.


Installing the Overhead 3D People Counter is easy!
All it takes is 3 simple steps.



Step 1. Preconfigure and Shipping: EvolvePlus pre-configures the Overhead 3D People Counter Sensors (Plug and Play) and ships to customer for on-site installation.


 Step 2. Arrange Cabling & Mount Sensors: Customer installs Ethernet cabling (PoE) back to the building network switch and mounts the Overhead Sensors on the ceiling using an audio/visual installer or electrical contractor.



Step 3. Remote Tuning of Overhead Sensors: EvolvePlus connects remotely using TeamViewer to verify and fine-tune the people counter settings.


Once the Overhead 3D People Counter is installed and operational the customer will be able to access the Cloud Dashboard Footfall Reporting and Charts.

At EvolvePlus our people counters are installed in a range of commercial business, including:

  • shopping centres
  • retail shops
  • office buildings
  • big box retailers

and service venues such as:

  • museums
  • visitor information centres,
  • galleries,
  • libraries
  • community centres
  • clubs
  • leisure centres
  • aquatic centres

For further details you can refer to our webpage, or Contact EvolvePlus for more information on Overhead 3D People Counters.


Overhead 3D People Counter Video
Outdoor People Counters with Robust Casing

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