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Features Comparison

Quick comparison of key features across the EvolvePlus People Counter models.

Feature Display USB Wireless RF Wireless LoRaWAN Overhead ToF Overhead 3D
Sensor Mounting Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Overhead Overhead
Sensor Technology Infrared Infrared Infrared Infrared Time of Flight - Non Camera Based 3D Stereo Vision
Sensor Power Supply AA Batteries
(12 Month Life)
AA Batteries
(12 Month Life)
AA Batteries
(12 Month Life)
AA Batteries
(3 Month Life)
Power over Ethernet (PoE) Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Bi-Directional Counting (In/Out)
Count Data Transfer Displays on device USB Memory Stick Network & 3G LoRaWAN via Network, Wi-Fi & 4G Network & 4G Network & 4G
Maximum Count Distance 6 to 8m 6 to 8m 6 to 8m 6 to 8m Up to 4 m (single sensor), Wider with multi-sensor Up to 7m (single sensor), Wider with multi-sensor
Data Backup on Gateway During Network Failure N/A N/A  
Outdoor Model Available  
Staff Exclusion from Count        
Optional Features     Occupancy   Occupancy
Staff Exclusion

Staff Exclusion

Reporting & Analytics Software None Cloud
Cloud Only Cloud Only Cloud Only

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