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Overhead 3D Counters with AI

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EvolvePlus offers an extensive range of people traffic counting solutions that deliver unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Our people counting solutions solve a variety of traffic monitoring challenges for all types of environments including office buildings, retail stores, shopping centres, libraries, galleries, public toilets, footpaths and leisure centres, with models available for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Overhead 3D People Counters fit discreetly into the ceiling facing downwards and measure visitor traffic using 3D stereo technology.

The onboard Artificial Intelligence (AI) delivers high accuracy counting in challenging high traffic environments, as well as offering additional analytic features beyond in/out footfall counting, including dwell times, adult/child approximation based on height range, staff exclusion and gender statistics.

The cloud delivered EvolvePlus Dashboard allows users to analyse data by hour, day, week, month, and year.


  • Integrated artificial intelligence
  • Power over ethernet (PoE)
  • Enhanced counting accuracy
  • Optional staff exclusion & gender plugins
  • Adult/Child counting using height range
  • Privacy controls
  • Cloud delivered dashboard and reports

Package Features

Overhead 3D People Counter Sensors (Bi-Directional) with AI

Overhead 3D People Counter Sensors

Overhead 3D counter with AI

The Overhead 3D People Counter sensors fit discreetly into the ceiling facing downwards and measure visitor traffic with the onboard Artificial Intelligence (AI) delivers high accuracy counting in challenging high traffic environments. The 3D stereo vision technology is highly robust against all kinds of external influences, such as shadows, light changes and heat emissions.

The sensor can be installed in ceiling heights between 2.2m and 6m, and incorporates Power over Ethernet (PoE) which combines data connectivity and power supply in one cable. An optional wireless model is also available for connecting to your building's WiFi

Up to 99 counting lines and dwell zones can be configured with the easy-to-use web application. For counting large areas and entrances up to nine sensors can be networked together using the multi-sensor wizard.

Additional mounting kits can be purchased including flush mounted housing, surface mounted housing and adjustable angle pivot mounting. An outdoor model is also available with IP65 cabling and cabling.

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People Counting Analytics

People Counting Analytics

The Overhead 3D People Counter sensor provides the following analytics:

  • In/Out counting across multiple count lines and zones (up to 99)
  • Occupancy
  • Count zone to only count if a person passed through the entire zone rather than a simple counting line
  • Dwell time to only count people that stay in the zone indicated or longer than the specified period
  • Adult/children counting based on height range (separate counts based on min/max heights)

The 3D people can be extended with the following optional plugins, which require specific mounting heights and lighting conditions:

  • Gender statistics (estimated)
  • Staff exclusion which excludes staff wearing specific badges from the count
  • View direction
  • Face mask detection

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Cloud Delivered EvolvePlus Dashboard

Cloud Delivered EvolvePlus Dashboard

EvolvePlus Reporting Dashboard

The cloud delivered EvolvePlus Dashboard allows users to analyse data in both Chart and Report formats by hour, day, week, month.

This valuable information reveals peak traffic periods to determine optimal operating hours and staffing requirements, as well as assisting with calculating peak visitor times and sales conversion ratios. It is optimised to handle multiple locations and scalable so that additional sensors can be added at any time.

Also available is the Occupancy / People Inside web app which calculates the current occupancy and displays the total number of people in the venue at any one time. The live count total (with a prominent large occupancy number) is displayed on a range of output displays including large monitors and tablets.

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