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Overhead People Counter with WiFi Connectivity

In the rapidly evolving landscape of retail, corporate and public spaces, our Overhead 3D People Counter solution provides highly accurate people counting in a range of buildings, including shopping centres, galleries, public libraries, office buildings, government facilities, leisure centres, and transport hubs. The people counter plays a pivotal role in gathering valuable data to optimise operations, enhance customer experiences, and make informed decisions.

Our Overhead 3D People Counter solution is now available with optional wireless connectivity. The wireless connectivity allows for easy installation and setup by connecting to a building's WiFi. Using a wireless connection, there is no need for complicated wiring or infrastructure. The advantage is beneficial in environments where aesthetics and convenience are crucial, allowing organisations to set up counters without disrupting the existing infrastructure.

Organisations can easily add or relocate counters as needed without the challenges imposed by physical cables. This scalability ensures that the people-counting solution can adapt to evolving spatial requirements and changing traffic patterns.

The wireless Overhead 3D People Counter connects seamlessly to the same EvolvePlus Cloud Dashboard & Analytics platform as the PoE model, which provides interactive web-based charts, dashboards and reports that can be exported in a variety of formats, including Excel, CSV and Word,

Contact EvolvePlus to discuss your footfall counting requirements and how our Wireless Overhead People Counter solution can be implemented for your organisation.

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