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Outdoor People Counters

EvolvePlus offers an extensive range of Outdoor People Counter solutions designed to assist New Zealand organisations to analyse footfall traffic data in a variety of environments including public toilets, footpaths, park entrances, markets as well as indoor venues that are exposed to moisture such as swimming pools and leisure centres.

Our extensive range of people counters offer the choice between display only, offline data capture and real-time visitor traffic analysis including:

  • Battery Powered LCD Display People Counters 
  • Battery Powered USB People Counters with up to 40 days memory
  • Battery Powered LoRaWAN People Counters with automatic data transfer via compatible LoRaWAN networks (coming late 2020)
  • Battery Powered Wireless People Counters with automatic data transfer using the powered SNG Hub via ethernet, wi-fi or mobile broadband (Spark, Vodafone and 2degrees)
  • Single Side Laser People Counter with automatic data transfer using the powered SNG Hub via ethernet, wi-fi or mobile broadband (Spark, Vodafone and 2degrees)

Depending on the people counter model there are different outdoor casing to choose from:

  • IP54 Outdoor Casing for LCD Display, Wireless and Single Side Laser People Counters
  • Robust Weatherproof Casing for USB, LCD Display, LoRaWAN and Wireless People Counters, offering superior tamper-proof security to the counter sensors

Counter with Robust Weatherpoof at Park Entrance
Counter with Robust Weatherpoof Casing with Clear Front Cover
Counter with Robust Weatherpoof Casing in Public Toilet
People Counter with IP54 Outdoor Casing

For the USB, LoRaWAN, Wireless and Single Side Laser models our IMMOTION software allows you to easily analyse counting information across hourly/day/week/month/year timeframes. The IMMOTION software application is optimised to handle multiple locations and/or people counters for easy viewing and overall analysis. The IMMOTION software is scalable so that additional people counter sensors can be added at any time.

For more information contact us on our outdoor solutions.

Video: Wireless People Counter
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